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FMG have just been awarded a substantial contract for producing front panels for the telecommunication industry. These parts were previously made in Europe but were transferred to China 2 years ago due to the low cost’s available

FMG have bid for this work and won a 2-year contract to produce these high quality high volume parts.

The work was won in face of stiff competion from all over the world, with more and more work coming back in to Europe as customers look at the total cost of procuring products. Like many others business they are finding out that the low cost region’s total cost were not as low cost as first perceived.

A spokesman from the FMG customers said it is a great situation for us to have a world class leading supplier in both quality and on time delivery who have a outstanding track record in engineering and innovation supplying our product more competively than we can buy it anywhere else in the world.

This contract is on top of one recently won from a European competitor and is a great start to 2010 for the Fexible Manufacturing Group and its employees.

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