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2nd Fibre Weld Machine



Amada EMZ3612






Custom Powder Paint Facility










Mercedes 7.5 Tonne Truck






Citizen M32 Lathe




Robot Weld in Action


















10" Chuck with 12 station turret


















ABB 7 Axis Robot




















Vices have proved a valuable addition

























Examples of parts produced by Citizen M32 Lathe



















Small Manifold Blocks





















Amada HFE M2 1303




  Salvagnini P4Xe




Amada Fibre Laser











Iveco Daily 2.3 HPI


Inficon UL 1000



Siemens Award


Bartholomew School Greenpower Challenge



Mori Seiki NLX2500SY




Bridgeport MF400c












TL500 A











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The Inside Story







                        Original                                  Solution



Wind Turbines



Bridgeport GX1600










A Different Solution





Iveco Eurocargo



Iveco Daily 2.3 HPI










Siemens Award




Second Doosan DNM650 added













Second Amada EML 3610 NT added


Production Area Re-organised




CSM Tube Bending Machine




Mori Seiki ZT 2500Y CNC Lathe











CSM Tube Bending Machine













Mori-Say CNC 626 6 Spindle 26mm dia. bar
















FST Upgrade Laboratory



LPE add their 8th 7 Axis CNC Press Brake

8th 7 Axis CNC Press










Three new twin spindle lathes

3 New Twin Spindle Lathes





E-coat plant installation

Complete Installation of an new £500K E-Coat plant







New Twin Spindle lathe with Y axis






Welcome to the FMG News Page. Our three group companies have direct links from this site and will give you updated information on each company.


April 2017

Keeping our fleet modern

We have replaced one of our Iveco panel vans with a NEW IVECO DAILY. This van is more efficient and allows us to support our customer's through-out the UK. The Van will be on the M6 four out of five days, if we can include you in our delivery run, please ask




March 2017

Green Plating

Supporting their commitment to the environment, FST have just installed two of the latest generation coolers, ensuring your parts are plated in the most efficient manner possible.

The chillers are A Class and are approved to a standard beyond the current legislation. They operate with an increased condensing area and brushless fans ultimately delivering a lower running cost and a lower environmental impact.

The Chillers are monitored remotely, highlighting any potential issues before the outcome is evident on the parts we are plating for our customers.

All of which underpins FSTs commitment to plating your parts as an environmentally accredited extension of your business.


March 2017

Stephen Gallacher Foundation

As our chosen Charity we were delighted to be part of the recent foundation dinner. With Sam Torrance, Paul Lawrie, Bernhard Gallacher and Stephen all present not only were we entertained but we witnessed an incredible £86,000 being raised for this very worthwhile cause.


February 2017

ISO 9001-2015

FMG are transitioning to ISO 9001-2015 where we have successfully come through a transition audit with BSI significantly ahead of the suggested timescale. This will align Deans and LPE, while we will bring FST into the common platform at a later time.







June 2016

FST's Expanded Capabilities

Flexible Surface Technology have expanded their capabilities as the leading environmentally approved electroplater in Scotland. Please see the Capabilities page for details, with a further update to follow on the £600K investment in a new Powder Coating Capability.







May 2016

LPE's 2nd Fibre Laser Welding Cell.

Having successfully delivered Fibre Welding to the Sub-Contract Market, LPE had only one problem, capacity and specifically the lack of it. In keeping with our investment policy, we re-engaged with TEC systems, leveraging on the success of our first machine and commissioned a larger and more powerful cell to add capacity and additional capability into our business and our customer's products.

With a higher power laser we can now process thicker parts and improve on what were already game changing welding speeds, delivering quality welded assemblies at a fraction of the conventional cost, every time.

For more details on the new machine and the capability in LPE please contact

Brian Moffat,


April 2016

New Amada EMZ3612.

With the installation of the new paint facility and the space we created in removing the previous plant LPE were able to bring home our latest and the largest addition to our Amada metal cutting portfolio. The EMZ 3612 is able to process 3000 x 1500 mm sheets without any repositioning delivering the highest real world hit rates and ram positioning accuracy: The machine has

-        Twin high speed electric servo drive punch mechanism

-        70% power saving over a hydraulic machine

-        Patented bridge frame construction

-        Scratch free processing with floating brush table

-        Multi Purpose Turret (MPT) with 4 tapping stations (option)

-        Reduced secondary operations with advanced forming functions

Simply - it does a lot more, a lot faster , for a lot less


February 2016

Custom Powder Coat Paint Facility.

LPE have designed, installed and commissioned a new custom built paint facility. This delivers a state of the art capability to "engineer the finishing" of our customer's parts.

With full pre-treatment, powder recovery and efficient ovens, the automatic track seamless feeds your parts though a series of treatments to ensure your parts are coated consistently each time, every time. The facility is fully enclosed and matches our groups stated commitment to the environment, protecting your parts and the planet with equal care.

Please contact any of the team in LPE? if you would like any further information.

David Brown -, will be happy to help with any enquiries




January 2016

Fleet upgrade.

Joining our fleet were three Mercedes 7.5T Curtain Sided Vehicles and a 3.5T Mercedes Sprinter. Each of the trucks comes with service support, keeping our fleet modern and efficient, ensuring we have vehicles ready to deliver and collect the length and breadth of the UK.





June 2015

2nd Citizen M32 Lathe Added at Deans Engineering.

More tools   more functions   more flexibility  higher productivity  same floor space!

                                                 Even greater value

With the success of our first M32 and the value we were able to generate we acquired a second M32 in June of 2015. This second machine gives us additional flexibility and capacity, allowing us to bring more of our people and our customers the advantages the M32 delivers.






November 2014

LPE have installed a Panasonic PA-ET-2PD_XL Robotic Welding Cell

Through our policy of continuous expansion, LPE have purchased a Panasonic PA-ET-2PD_XL Robotic Welding Cell.

With a 600 x 600 table - able to weld parts that have an envelope of 650 x 360 x 250, weighing up to 250kgs the cell uses a TM1800 manipulator to deliver :

-        Lower Spatter Welds;

-        Welding with less heat input;

-        Thin and Thick welding in the one set up;

-        Flexibility and reduced costs;

-        Easy configuration giving reduced set ups; and

-        Options on MIG and TIG.



October 2014

Deans Engineering install a Mori Seki NLX2500

The NLX2500SY is another great addition to a family of Mori Seiki Machines in Deans Engineering. Able to turn 366mm in diameter, over 705mm at 4000RPM, with a 10" Chuck and a 12 station Turret this machine capably support the most complex and demanding of our parts. The Sub Spindle has a 6" chuck and can support 6000RPM.

With a bar feed attachment the machine can run automatically on 80mm bar

Mori Seki describes the machine as a high-rigidity, high-precision CNC lathe able to flexibly handle various workpieces. The model features the BMT (Built-in Motor) that achieves powerful turning capabilities and outstanding milling performance as well as the highly rigidity bed.

When equipped with CELOS + MAPPS V, the NLX 2500 enables operators to perform machining of various workpieces from simple- to complex-shaped components with an easy operation.




May 2014

LPE have just installed a Robotic Fibre Laser Welding Cell

The cell has been designed and manufactured specifically to meet the needs of  the LPE wide range of customers. Powered by a IPG 3KW Fibre Laser and ABB 7 Axis Robot with dual work holding positioners it is capable of welding a envelope size of  1500mm*1000*1000 * 6mm thick.

With welding speeds of up to 5 meters per minute, with no distortion, allowing our customers to design there products completely differently giving them the ability to select different materials as well as much thinner gauges. The quality of the weld eliminates the need for expensive dressing and polishing making the finished product not only aesthetically better and lighter while also reducing manufacturing cost considerably.

Using this technology we can weld dissimilar material such as brass to stainless steel and copper to stainless steel which allows our customers to replace existing processes like furnace brazing. With little or no distortion it allows post machining operations to be eliminated again saving cost and allowing more imaginative designs.

Before you deign your next product you must come and see the capability and quality of products this cell is producing.


                                               Click Here To View Video



                                           Dual Work Holding Positioner


May 2014

Deans Engineering purchase a Mori Seki NHX500 Horizontal Maching Centre

With a perfect combination of functionality, productivity and precision Deans Engineering have added a Horizontal Milling Machine with a new NHX5000 joining our offering.

With an X-Y-Z range of 730 x 730 x 800 it delivered an increase in size for Deans Engineering and their customers. With 500 x 500 twin pallets, Deans Engineering have added custom "Allmatic" tower vices # and with 40 tools in the carousel we are keeping the set ups to a minimum.

We also added the option of Renishaw Laser Detection, giving us non-contact measurement and tool breakage detection in the same machine.

At a further £25,000 the vices were an expensive but valuable addition to our machine, allowing us to capably produce custom enclosures for a respected vehicle manufacture in Japan. The irony of a UK based machine shop using Japanese produced machine tool, making parts for a Japanese Vehicle is not lost on any of us. The only argument might be it is UK engineering at its best that allows us to deliver parts back to Japan.




May 2014

Citizen M32 Lathe added at Deans Engineering

More tools   more functions   more flexibility  higher productivity  same floor space!

                                                 Even greater value

The M32 is renowned for its leading capability for 3 tool simultaneous machining in a compact floor space. The all-round combination of flexible tooling, large tool capacity, and outstanding ease of use has made the M32 another success story. New advanced functions over the previous generation include an improved / upgraded turret with direct indexing, faster rapid feed rate (up to 32m/min) and reduced power consumption.

Manufacturing parts up to 32mm diameter as standard with an option to process 35mm diameter at 325mm long the M32 has 18 tools capable of running at up to 6,000 RPM, while both the main and sub spindle can achieve 8,000 RPM.

With the addition of high pressure coolant and a filter mist recovery system, the M32 is limited only by our imagination, with the following parts all coming from the M32 in "one hit"



December 2013

Deans Engineering introduce a Fanuc Robo Drill

With an X-Y-Z capability of 300 x 500 x 700, 21 tools and a chip to chip time of 1 second, the new Robo Drill delivers a level of precision and accuracy for the mid volume smaller complex parts. With the addition of the DDR-T Rotary table and pneumatic vices, we have a fourth axis with a quick load capability. Compared to conventional machines that do not have the 24,000 RPM spindle speed, we have been able to drive cycle times and improve efficiency and accuracy at the same time.

The small manifold blocks in the photograph show the Robo Drill at its best, achieving cycle times that are better than 50% of the previous. Clever utilisation of the fourth axis and Schunk vices allowed 4 parts to be machined in every cycle, with two coming off complete at each change.




November 2013

In a record year of investment for LPE and FMG, LPE have added an Amada HFE M2 1303 Series press brake.

It is simply, faster, more accurate and more economic to run, keeping LPE and their customers at the leading edge of technology.

LPE have 12 press-brakes, ensuring our customers large and small are all supported. Please contact any of the team at LPE or FMG for more details







September 2013

Salvagnini P4Xe Bending Cell

LPE are the first sub contractor in Scotland to install and operate a Salvagnini bending cell. This cell will produce a wide range of folded parts up to 3mm thick and 2.18M long from a single tooling set up. The reduced set up times combined with minimum handling times and the speed of operation makes sure we achieve maximum throughput. You can watch the video of the P4Xe, where you will see 4 different parts being run in less than four minutes, all from the same set up.

                                      Click Here To View Video






July 2013

LPE have purchased an Amada Fibre laser cutting machine that cuts material at up to 50m/minute and is capable of cutting copper, brass, titanium and other material that were previously unable to be cut by CO2 lasers. This machine is supported by it’s own material load and part unload system, leading to lights out production. The following links will give you an insight into the new machine.


New Fibre Laser at LPE Click Here to Learn More


We would like to share with you some of our plans for 2013. FMG will continue to make significant investments over the next few months and we would like to tell you in advance about them.

                                      Click Here To See Newsletter



February 2013

We have added another high sided van to our fleet as part of our ongoing upgrade program which guarantees the reliability of our vehicles; this also adds more flexibility to our fleet allowing us to meet the ever growing logistical requirements of our Customers.








February 2013

Due to our continuing growth in cryogenics, we have added a third helium leak detector to our testing facilities. The Inficon UL1000 is designed to meet the most demanding leak detection applications. It provides fast, accurate and repeatable test results, combined with high sensitivity and flexible testing.







January 2013

We are delighted to have received an award from Siemens Medical at their recent supplier day. The award for Product and Process Innovation, is one we are particularly proud to receive since it is an area of business we believe passionately about. Our business strategy has always been to look at the best way to manufacture our customer's products. Being involved in the design at the front end of the development allows us to influence the design and help ensure the product is designed in the most cost efficient manner.






December 2012

FMG were happy to join  Siemens in their support of the Bartholomew School Greenpower Challenge by manufacturing and supplying the Roll Bar which is fitted to their car, the school achieved a commendable position.

The challenge was to design, build and race a car powered by a wheelchair motor and 3 pairs of 12v deep cycle batteries for a period of 4 hours. The Bartholomew School "Barth Tub" completed the full 4 hours endurance and a distance of 84 miles (35 laps). The students not only learnt a great deal about "design and manufacture" but also developed important project management and team leadership skills throughout the year.






December 2012

Deans Engineering have further complimented their already extensive range of CNC turning capabilities and capacity by adding the Mori Seiki NLX2500SY lathe which has twin spindles, 12" chucking capacity and Y axis milling  capabilities and is fitted with the M730BM control system.









November 2012

Deans Engineering have further enhanced the capabilities and capacity they have to offer by installing the Bridgeport MF400c 5 Axis Vertical Machining Centre with a Siemens Sinumerik 828D control system.










August 2012

Deans Engineering, have added a Mecal KOSMOS Machining Centre and Saw to what is already one of the best equipped and versatile machine shops in the UK.

The Mecal machining centre matches Deans Engineering’s strategy to use technology and innovation to drive cost. Deans Engineering and their customers now have direct access to a facility that machines 6 faces of a 4M long extrusion in one set up.

Jim Jamieson – CEO of FMG said “This latest machine, proves yet again, the value of our investment policy, as it has not only driven in new technology and quality, but also driven out cost.   Addison’s original detailing of the machine’s specification has increased production flexibility, providing further scope to extend the Group’s product offering; while at the same time, improving the accuracy of machining long length aluminium extrusions. The 4th axis working has reduced set ups and increased our throughput, while the 4M bed gives us the ability to run two work pieces simultaneously on sections that are less than 2M long, All in all, it is a highly desirable and effective machine”.

The purchase of the Mecal Kosmos was quickly followed by a TL 500 A up cutting saw giving Deans Engineering a true cell for the supply of machined aluminium sections. This lean development again ensures Deans Engineering and their customers achieve the most cost effective solutions.



August 2012

LPE have installed 2 off ACF corner forming machines.

LPE manufacture a variety of doors and panels in Aluminium Stainless Steel and Mild Steel  which were previously welded and dressed. They are now being produced by these corner forming machines which is reducing cost by up to 60% using less skills and improving through put by a factor of 10.

ACF Corner Former


March 2012

The Flexible Manufacturing Group is delighted to be involved in the Stephen Gallacher Golf Foundation.  There is a strong bond between both parties, underlined by a commitment to invest in young people, giving them an opportunity to learn, develop and enjoy themselves at the same time.

See the attached link to the Stephen Gallacher Golf Foundation.

If you would like any more information please contact us in the normal manner and we can share with you details of the corporate and private opportunities that are available to support what we hope you agree is a very worthwhile and valuable cause.




January 2012

Having fully embraced line side and VMI supply, Deans Engineering have taken returnable packing to a new level. The before and after photographs show better than any words the advantages this truly delivers. If you would like more details please contact any of the team at Deans Engineering directly or via the web page.



                       Before                                                        After





December 2011

Faced with a problem in securing a casting, one of FMG's customers had an alternative solution from Deans Engineering, delivered and fitted in less than three days.

Fast-turn solutions are a core part of the groups offering, if you have a challenge for any of the group businesses please contact us directly or via the web sites.




November 2011

LPE have been formally given Approved Supplier Status to one of the world's leading Wind Turbine Manufacturers. The customer audit team spent three days in the LPE facility working across all areas and disciplines, awarding LPE with one of the highest scores to date.

To date LPE have supplied parts across Europe and into the US. The 100% quality record LPE have achieved is a great reflection on all involved and allows us to move forward with a progressive and respected customer.






November 2011

To increase the capacity we have to offer our customers and to satisfy increased

demands we have added another vertical machining centre, the Bridgeport GX 1600 fitted with the Heidenhain iTNC Control, this machine can accomodate components up to 1700mm x 700mm x 585mm with X,Y and Z travel of 1600mm x 700mm x 635mm, the machine is also fitted with a 30 tool Toolchanger.








August 2011

Business Insider Magazine names Flexible Manufacturing Group number 3 in their SME300 and profile the Group and it's CEO Jim Jamieson in their August edition

Click Here To View



August 2011

Deans Engineering have picked up another Blue Chip customer by providing a "different" solution in three weeks, where their customer was faced with a 12 week lead-time from the specified extrusion. The part was designed as a machined extrusion, where Deans Engineering used a precision sand casting to provide a competitive solution, on less than a quarter of the lead-time .

If you have a challenge for Deans Engineering or any of the other group companies, please use the Contact Us section in the Web Sites.


July 2011

FMG now have their second vehicle on the road with the group livery. This takes the number of 7.5T vehicles in the fleet to 5 which combined with 4 vans allows FMG to support their customers efficiently.










June 2011

With transport now controlled centrally within FMG, we have added a new, larger van to the fleet. This vehicle will specifically support our English based customers, where the larger load area will allow us to efficiently support their requirements. The new FMG livery will become the norm,with another HGV truck joining the fleet in early July.





April 2011

Livingston Precision Engineering features in Amada Spring Journal.

Click here  to view Article



November 2010

Deans Engineering have received an award as the most "responsible" supplier to Siemens, the award, one of four presented by their Managing Director, was given reflecting on the responsibility Deans Engineering and LPE take in working with Siemens, the award being made at their annual supplier day with all other Tier One suppliers present.









Aug 2010

Deans Engineering have added a second Doosan DNM 650 vertical machining centre which increases their capacity in the production of larger components.










May 2010

To enable us to offer our customers a wider range of products at Deans Engineering we have installed a DNM650 vertical machining centre which increases considerably the work piece size we can handle. This new 12000rpm machine has a travel of 1270mm in X, 670mm in Y and 625mm in Z. With the latest Fanuc control system and a 30 ATC it will allow us to produce larger parts much more efficiently.





April 2010                    Over £1,200,000 Investment at LPE

With our customers demands constantly changing the need to reduce both lead time and batch sizes is becoming ever more  important. LPE have invested over a million pounds in new equipment that will support this demand. The new combination laser punch has a 4Kw laser, 30 ton punching, 4 station tapping unit, high speed punching and forming functions,1800 hits per minute punch rate and can handle sheet sizes 3000mm x 1525mm x 6mm. Combine this with the minimal need for tooling, this machine will help satisfy even the most demanding customers requirements.

To complement this machine and to add further capacity we are also installing two high-speed 8 axis CNC press brakes, one 100 ton x 3000mm and the other 80 ton x 2500mm capacity. These machines will be programmed using the latest Radan bending software allowing complicated parts to be bent with minimum set up.



        Amada HFE 8 Axis Press Brake             Programmed using the latest Radan Software







March 2010

Following the successful implementation of the CSM 38TBRE CNC electric

tube bending machine at LPE in July 2009 we are adding another machine.

The CSM 50TBRE CNC which is capable of bending up to 50.8mm outside diameter, this increases both the capacity and capabilities we have to offer to existing and new customers.









March 2010

As part of our ongoing policy of continually updating to the latest available

technology and enhancing the services available to our customers, Deans Engineering have just installed a Mori Seiki 7-Axis CNC lathe which has a twin spindles with C,B and Y-axis on both spindles. This machine has upper and lower turrets with driven tools in all stations, it has 254mm chuck capacity and 75mm spindle bore complete with a 4.2 meter automatic bar feeder and robotic parts catcher-remover. This allows us to turn, mill, drill and tap on both spindles simultaneously reducing cycle times and being able to finish complete products in one hit.







January 2010

FMG have just been  awarded a substantial contract for producing front panels for the telecommunication industry.


Click Here For Details



July 2009

LPE continue to increase the services they offer by adding a CSM 38TBRE CNC tube bending machine which, together with new automatic tube cutting and deburring machines, form the latest Production Cell at their Livingston factory.








June 2009

First Windsave turbine installed on GSM tower.    




March 2009

Deans Engineering have moved into Multi-Spindle machining over the last three years.

The productivity improvements this delivered for us and in turn our customers means that for the first time we have capacity in this area. We can process parts up to 26mm in diameter in Brass, Steel and Aluminium.








February 2009

LPE Add Deep Drawing Capabilities.


             Mild Steel Plated And Painted                  Aluminium Can Chormated and

                    For Outdoor Use                               Painted For Defence Industry        



January 2009

FST Upgrade Laboratory

Underlining their focus on process control and quality, FST have upgraded their

already impressive laboratory facilities. this ensures FST maintain the commitment

to their customers and the environment.


Click Here For Details






                                             LPE Invest Over £1,000,000

September 2008

LPE have invested over £1 Million in new equipment including an EML 3610 NT combination machine 4kw laser with top of the range punching machine, the EMZ3610 NT latest punching machine from Amada and their 8th 7 axis CNC Press Brake

     The latest CNC Punching Machine from Amada

      New Investment Combination Machine                          Amada 3610 NT




April 2007 

LPE secure planning permission for 20,000 square foot extension



March 2007

Deans Engineering install 3 new twin spindle lathes  with 250 mm chucking and 90mm bar capacitywith milling and Y-axis.








March 2007

FMG add three new vehicles to fleet


March 2007

FST complete installation of an new £500K E-Coat plant

FST have installed Scotlands only E-Coat  plant, E-Coat is simply the most cost effective way of delivering a high level of corrosion resistance across a range and variety of parts.








February 2007

Deans Engineering install new Twin Spindle lathe with Y axis


June 2006

Deans Engineering have installed two new Machining Centres.







                               Customer Awards



                   FST                         Deans Engineering                           LPE

Given our stated objective of working in partnership with our customers we are proud to have received  the above awards in recognition of our contribution to those partnerships from three of our customers.






Deans Engineering Engineering Limited Livingston Precision Engineering Flexible Surface Technology | tel. 01506 419797 | fax. 01506 413849